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About Intervention

Elijah Rising trains and mobilizes volunteer teams to reach out to men and women who are trapped in commercial sexual exploitation. Teams focus on going to the streets where prostitution is common, illicit massage businesses, strip clubs, and hotels. We bring gifts and other physical needs, as well as minister to men and women in prayer. One of the most important resources we bring is an exit hotline number. We never force anyone to leave a situation they don’t want to, but we do make sure they know there is community of people that care about them and there are options if they would like to leave the sex industry.

Reaching Women By Coming To The Table

Bissonnet is a street in Houston where women in prostitution are seen on the streets 24/7. Our Bissonnet Interventions usually take place at night, well into midnight. Our team had the idea to setup a fully decorated table, in the middle of a parking lot. We invited people to come to the table and share a meal. Our usual encounters with women are quick because we are usually walking and the environment is also chaotic.

However, at the table many of the women stuck around for a long time. This enabled our team to build relationship and spend extra time with women. They felt so appreciated, some said they would even consider coming to another dinner if we would host it.

This intervention was such an answer to prayer and would not be possible without your prayer and support. Let us always remember that there are some people who feel like they don’t have a seat at the table. Our prayer is that by simply coming to the table and sharing a meal it will create the space for healing, restoration, and the power of the Gospel to go forth and transform lives.

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