Volunteer With Elijah Rising

Become a volunteer ​and make a social impact.

Elijah Rising has many volunteer opportunities at various capacities. No matter your skill set we provide ways for you to connect with other volunteers to fight sex trafficking.

How it works

Join our volunteer network in four easy steps


Create a personal profile

Elijah Rising uses Timecounts as an online volunteer hub. Create your volunteer account by signing up online. Then you can view available volunteer opportunities and apply for volunteer roles.


Sign up to volunteer

After you create an online account on Timecounts, you can apply for volunteer positions. Some volunteer roles can be short-term as well as long-term roles. 


Connect with our volunteer community

Once you have applied for a volunteer role, a staff member will reach out to you to walk you through the next steps of volunteering. Some volunteer roles require background checks as well as training. If you have any questions about volunteering you can always reach out to us through the online volunteer hub. 


Volunteer with Elijah Rising!

Words From Volunteers

  • It has been life-changing and empowering. What I have learned through volunteering has catapulted other endeavors in my life.

    Elijah Rising Volunteer
  • When I see the light go on when someone realizes just how huge our human trafficking problem is in Houston and then becomes engaged and eager to contribute. I’ve gotten to experience this one on one and after presenting to a large group and it makes me extremely proud to be associated with an organization that has that influence.

    Elijah Rising Volunteer
  • I feel very honored when I serve with Elijah Rising.

    Elijah Rising Volunteer

Want to get involved?

You can access all of Elijah Rising’s volunteer opportunities through our online volunteer hub. Our work depends on many faithful volunteers.