What are these Van Tours all about?

Elijah Rising is committed to fighting sex trafficking in Houston. Our Van Tours are a Sex Trafficking 101 class on wheels, complete with visuals and personal testimonies. The tour route is chosen based on extensive research and intervention efforts by our staff into areas known for their sex industry activity in Houston.

Not sure what to make of all this? A Van Tour is a great place to start if you just want to learn more about sex trafficking in our city or how you could get involved in the fight against it. More than 7,000 people have taken an Elijah Rising Van Tour since our founding.

When do Van Tours run?

We schedule Van Tours for groups of 8-12, and most Van Tours run during weekday evenings. However, our staff is occasionally available to accommodate other times during the day. Please email VanTours@ElijahRising.org to inquire.

How can I schedule one?

You can register for an available Van Tour seat here. If all the seats on your preferred tour are sold out, you can add your name to a waitlist on Eventbrite to be notified of a vacancy. We are always adding private tours that aren’t full to be open to the public, so check the page frequently. For larger groups, or to inquire about arranging a special tour, email VanTours@ElijahRising.org.

How long are Van Tours?

Each tour lasts no longer than two hours. Where you will hear from leaders about sex trafficking in Houston and Elijah Rising’s work.

What time do they start?

All tours begin promptly at the listed time. We ask that guests make every effort to arrive no later than the listed starting time.

How many people can go on a Van Tour?

We can accommodate up to 12 people on each tour.

Do I have to have a group, or can I go as an individual?

Because of the high volume of requests we receive for private tours in Houston, we offer public tours once a month. If you can get a group of 8-12 people together, we’ll happily schedule a private tour for you! You can find Van Tours open to the public here: http://ervantours.eventbrite.com/

How much does it cost?

Elijah Rising offers Van Tours free of charge. We are a nonprofit organization dependent on private donations, and you will be offered an opportunity to invest in our work at the end of the tour.

Where do we meet up?

Tours meet at 1135 E 11th St., Houston, TX 77009. Parking is available on 11th St. and the parking lot behind Carmarlita’s Cuisine.

Is the Van Tour safe?

We remain in the van at all times. The van windows are tinted to protect our guests’ anonymity. You may see some activity, but we ask that you not engage with it on this tour.

Can I bring my child on a Van Tour?

Children as young as ten have taken the tour with their parents. However, due to the nature of Elijah Rising’s work and the sexually explicit images you may see, it will be too graphic for some children. We strongly encourage you first to pray about exposing your child to this experience. Then use your best judgment and knowledge of your child before bringing him or her along.

What if I registered for a Van Tour but have to cancel?

You can cancel by finding your confirmation email from Eventbrite, click ‘Your Account’, then ‘Login’, and choose your ticket date, then press ‘Cancel Order’. If you need help with this VanTours@ElijahRising.org or call (832) 628-3439 as soon as possible. Van Tour seats are limited, and most tours have a waitlist. We will try to fill any vacant slot.

What is your worldview and perspective on the sex industry?

Elijah Rising is a Christian organization, and Van Tours have an unapologetically Christian worldview. We begin and end each tour with prayer.

Can I help lead Van Tours?

Yes! Most tours are led and driven by volunteers. Van Tours are a great way to start out with Elijah Rising and inspire future justice warriors. We will provide all of the necessary training. To volunteer, email VanTours@ElijahRising.org.