Elijah Rising is a citywide movement in Houston driven forward by a committed staff and hundreds of passionate volunteers.

Board Members

Audrey Manito, Chairman
Jennifer Hohman, Vice Chair
Kerry Stovall, Secretary
Tami Ledbetter, Treasurer
Aaron Pichon, Vice Treasurer

Staff Members


Liesel Araoz is a Houston native who loves her city. As an advocate for the vulnerable and exploited populations of...

Micah Gamboa


Micah Gamboa is a modern-day abolitionist working to shift a hyper-sexualized culture.  She is passionate about prayer, and researching turn-of-the-century abolitionists in...


Sam Hernandez is graduate of Houston Baptist University, and an advocate for the movement to end all forms sexual exploitation....

Desirie Dougall


David Gamboa


David Gamboa is a graduate of the University of Houston where he studied English and Graphic Communications, and is currently...

Adam Chaney


Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Theology from Houston Baptist University and a Master of Divinity with a...


Mary received her Bachelor’s Degree in Victim Studies from Sam Houston State University. She’s passionate about bringing hope to survivors and...