Liesel Araoz is a Houston native who loves her city. As an advocate for the vulnerable and exploited populations of the world, she’s passionate to see our hyper-sexualized culture shift from accepting the dehumanization and sexualization of women and children by studying the covered realities of history and teaching the...

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Adam Chaney


Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Theology from Houston Baptist University and a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Theology from Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2011. Adam is an original founding member of Elijah Rising. Before rejoining...

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David Gamboa


David Gamboa is a graduate of the University of Houston where he studied English and Graphic Communications, and is currently  pursuing a MDiv at The Bible Seminary. David has served as a Student Pastor and Creative Director for the past eight years before joining Elijah Rising. 

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Sam Hernandez is graduate of Houston Baptist University, and an advocate for the movement to end all forms sexual exploitation. She is passionate about seeing a generation freed from Porn Culture and Sex Addiction. Samantha has a background in Social Media Marketing and Mass Communications and she directs the Social...

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Micah Gamboa


Micah Gamboa is a modern-day abolitionist working to shift a hyper-sexualized culture.  She is passionate about prayer, and researching turn-of-the-century abolitionists in hopes to carry on their legacy.  She curated the Museum of Modern-Day Slavery, and is the Executive Director of Elijah Rising.

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