2019 Updates

We are currently in the process of hiring support staff for the Restoration Program. Click here to view job postings. In 2018 we worked hard at developing a Restorative Care Program and establishing a network of partners to provide support services such as medical, trauma therapy, counseling, life skills curriculum, and other aspects of the program.

Right now, we have two homes completely furnished and ready for operation, and we will begin work on two new homes in Fall 2019. Hundreds of volunteers have helped make this dream a reality and we are so excited to share this progress with our faithful partners.

The Elijah Rising Store

On April 13th, 2019, we opened the Elijah Rising Store, our new storefront in the Heights. The store is located at 1135 E. 11th St. Houston, TX 77009.

One of the most important programs we offer is economic empowerment through Social Enterprise. The goal of our social enterprise is to provide employment opportunities, job skill training, and income, while women are able to rebuild their lives.

Visit » https://shop.elijahrising.org/

Give Freedom to Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Partner with Elijah Rising to help women on their journey to success and independence.

Referral Form

Applicants may be referred to Elijah Rising Restoration Program by a variety of sources, however they must all fill out the online client referral form.  Referral agencies may include law enforcement, shelters, trafficking hotlines, substance abuse treatment centers, other nonprofit organizations, and more.  All applicants will require interviews and proper intake procedures.

The online client referral form will be followed up by a phone call from the Program Director.  If it is determined that the applicant and Program Director are agreeable to moving forward, a full application will be sent to applicant and an interview will be scheduled.

***Referall submissions as of May 21, 2020 will be placed on a waitlist due to the increasing number of entries.

Referral Form