The Elijah Rising Restoration Campus

The Elijah Rising Restoration Campus is home to our long-term restorative care program that serves women who have survived sexual exploitation.

The goal of this 1-2 year program is to rebuild lives that have been shattered by the effects of sexual exploitation. Our program provides food, clothing, shelter, 24/7 compassionate care, a family environment, and healthy therapeutic practices. We ensure that all women in our program feel valued, empowered, and hopeful for their future.

About Our Program

Our program uses a phased approach to healing, moving the resident at her own pace through the process of becoming stabilized and feeling safe, to processing her trauma, and eventually into a place where she is ready to re-engage with the community and live independently.

We do this through a variety of means.  Elijah Rising partners with Baylor College of Medicine’s School of Psychology and Harris County Psychiatric Center for our program’s mental health needs.  We have established connections with local junior colleges and universities as resources for pursuing educational advancement, and companies for internship and job opportunities for our residents.  We offer substance abuse support, life skills, expressive art, and groups, all designed to address eight dimensions of wellness.

A Healing Environment

The Elijah Rising Restoration Campus was created as a safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation to heal; a place for women to learn, to create, and to develop the skills they will need to thrive as healthy, independent leaders in our communities. Residents of the ERRC will have the opportunity to focus wholly on their journey to healing, at a trauma-informed, holistic program… at absolutely no cost.

We at Elijah Rising are a community of faith, and we live out that faith by serving exploited women with the love of Christ.  We want our campus to be a sanctuary where survivors can feel safe, and begin to heal from their trauma as we simply provide them with tools that they need to become whole and healthy.

Support Women On Their Healing Journey

You can ensure we are able to provide food, clothing, shelter, 24/7 compassionate care, a family environment, and healthy therapeutic practices.