The Booth Home

Survivors of sex trafficking experience immense trauma while in the life that's why we need places that provide specialty care to survivors. Kendleton Farms is a place for survivors of sex trafficking to receive restorative care through providing a safe place to live, trauma-informed counseling, community, and faith.

We are about to open the first home on the property! The Booth Home is a 5,000 sq ft residential home that will be able to house up to 8 survivors and their children. Our program not only focuses on providing a safe place to live, but survivors will gain the skills needed to overcome their trauma and begin the process of rebuilding a new life.

 Since 2015 we have had hundreds of volunteers working to restore the property. To date, we have been able to help house 12 women and we are excited to begin impacting more lives. 

Give Freedom to Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Your donation enables Kendleton Farms to provide restoration and healing.