Justice Summit Outreach

We will be departing immediately after the last session of the Justice Summit, to reach into the commercial sex industry in Houston with a message of Hope.

Briefing for the intervention will take place during the breakout sessions. (See the Schedule for time and location). Following Saturday’s last session we will depart for our intervention. We will split into teams and carpool to various places in the city to offer resources to the young women working.

We will have teams going to the “track” (street prostitution), “Massage Parlors”, Cantina Brothels, as well as a prayer room team. Each team will be accompanied by an experienced Elijah Rising Site leader. Please understand that only individuals present at the Breakout Briefing will be allowed to join the outreach teams. However, all are welcome to be a part of the Prayer Room team that will be covering our volunteers in prayer.

No prior experience necessary.
Please register at either one of the outreach briefing breakouts.
Friday 2pm. Sat 3pm

For more information email: