Elijah Rising

What Is Intervention?

Elijah Rising sends teams of volunteers out every Friday night on direct outreach and intervention to meet victims where they are being exploited. These intervention teams offer resources, an exit hotline, prayer, and the love of Jesus to every man and woman they encounter.

Watch this testimony to learn more about volunteering to go on Intervention.

How Intervention Works

Join our volunteer teams and reach out to those trapped in sexual exploitation.


Register Online

Create an account on our online volunteer hub and find and upcoming Intervention event. Elijah Rising hosts five different Interventions across the Greater Houston area. Locate the one nearest to you.


Arrive On Time

On the night of the Intervention, there will be a time of prayer and worship followed by a brief training with instructions for the evening. Volunteers must be 18 or older to go out on Intervention with teams. Youth volunteer opportunities include prayer team and other roles taking place at the Intervention launch site.


Pick Your Team

Each Intervention launch site has a variety of teams that visit different locations where sexual exploitation is happening. These locations include illicit massage parlors, strip clubs, cantinas, and streets where prostitution is occuring. Volunteers are placed on teams and each team works together to provide resources to those they encounter.


Go Reach Out

Learn More About Intervention

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Reach Out With Love

You can help us reach those trapped in sexual exploitation. Our resources are vital to helping women who are ready to leave the sex industry find a safe way out.