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Bienvenido a nuestra Tercera Cumbre Anual de Justicia Justice Summit. Esperamos de pasar los próximos dos días con ustedes en la presencia de Dios exaltando a Jesús, recibiendo el ministerio del Espíritu Santo y haciendo nuevas conexiones con compañeros guerreros de justicia. Esperamos que nuestra alineación le anime a estar presente, para aprender más sobre el corazón padre, tanto en la adoración y en la actividad de la Gran Comisión. y espero poder saludarles personalmente durante nuestro tiempo juntos.

Cat French
Founder and Director of Elijah Rising

El tema de este año rinde homenaje al Ejército de Salvación, “Sangre y Fuego” representan el uniforme del Ejército de Salvación, valiente “Salvacionistas” que buscó por las almas de los barrios más oscuros de londres. Honramos su legado creen que Dios está levantando una nueva generación de salvacionistas para ir valientemente con el fuego del Espíritu Santo y de la Sangre del Cordero de alcanzar los esclavizados con el amor inquebrantable de Jesús


Cat French: Founder and Director of Elijah Rising

Cat French is a modern-day abolitionist who is passionate about seeing the end of human trafficking in Houston and around the world. She is a former sociology professor and researcher in the social sciences, with an extensive background in outreach and ministry to prostituted women and children. She directs Elijah Rising, an anti-human trafficking organization committed to the ending of sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, and intervention.

Cameron Gamble: Founder of Project TAKEN

Cameron Gamble, of Project Taken, joined the Air Force shortly after 9/11 and was trained in Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) for air crew members where he learned how to survive behind enemy lines. During that time he began training Christian missionary groups how to stay safe while traveling in some of the most primitive and heavily persecuted regions in the world Kidnaping and hostage taking has become a multi-billion dollar criminal business, in failed countries, emerging economies and economically advanced countries, including the US. His nonprofit company, Project Taken, specializes in teaching people how to avoid, survive and escape kidnapping and hostage situations. He also works with hostage extraction groups both in the US and overseas, cooperating with law enforcement where possible but also operating in some overseas regions where that isn’t possible.

Laila Mickelwait: Manager of Policy and Public Affairs at Exodus Cry

In 2006, Laila became keenly aware of the need to practically serve those suffering from poverty, disease, and injustice. She founded New Reality International, a multi-national charitable organization dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to children suffering from extreme poverty, disease, and injustice worldwide. NRI has a special focus on combatting child slavery in Haiti through sustainable development; providing a safe haven for the most vulnerable children; and the rescue and rehabilitation of those currently in slavery. In 2011, Laila joined the team at Exodus Cry, where she serves as manager of policy and public affairs and has been engaging members of parliament and legislators around the world on legal reform issues that deal with the injustice of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Benjamin Nolot: Founder and CEO of Exodus Cry

Benjamin Nolot is founder and CEO of Exodus Cry, an international anti-trafficking organization that works in the areas of prevention, intervention, and restoration. Benjamin has a passion for storytelling and was the director/producer/writer of the award-winning documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. Since its release, the film has been highlighted by the 700 Club, Movie Guide, Relevant, Christianity Today, Variance, Charisma News, Prism, the Christian Film Database, and more. He also co-authored a book, Babylon, covering emerging global trends in our society. He devotes his time to abolition work for the ending of slavery and the exploitation of the vulnerable. His desire in life is to love God and see God’s creation set free from the tyranny of oppression. He resides in Kansas City with his wife, Lauren, and their three children.

Sallie Saxon

Recruited by a pimp in Charlotte who offered her a promise of love, Sallie was forced into “the life” due to her financial situation. She worked for several years in this role and eventually became a pimp herself. Known as the “South Park Madam” she grew her business into a high-class escort service and operated for 25 years before being arrested. She served two years in prison for her crimes during which she encountered the unwavering love of Jesus. She currently lives as a testimony of the miraculous transforming power of Christ and seeks to pour out her life in useful service to Him.



Septiembre 24, 2015


  • Adoración: Anita Rose Tisdale
  • Ponentes: Cameron Gamble


Septiembre 25, 2015


  • Adoración:Anita Rose Tisdale
  • Ponentes:Sallie Saxon



  • Adoración:New Haven House of Prayer







  • Adoración:Vincent Carr
  • Ponentes:Laila Micklewait


Septiembre 26, 2015




  • Adoración:Adoración en Español
  • Ponentes:Cat French





  • Adoración:Adoración







  • Adoración: Adoración
  • Ponentes: Benjamin Nolot




Perseguir la pureza en una cultura Sexualized

Entender la pandemia de la Pornografía

Laila Micklewait: Exodus Cry

Mis Operaciones riesgosos como misionero

Cameron Gamble: Project Taken

Convertirse Como Cristo en una cultura Sociopática

Benjamin Nolot: Exodus Cry

¿Puede una prostituta ser redimidos

Sallie Saxon: Sallie Saxon Ministry


Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Chruch

8300 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024


Dónde será el Justice Summit este año?

A. El evento se llevará acabo en Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Chruch, 8300 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Habra alimentos para comprar?

A. 2nd Cup proporcionará café durante algunas de las sesiones. No habra comida disponible, pero hay varios restaurantes a poca distancia.

Hay estacionamiento disponible?

A. Hay aparcamiento público disponible de forma gratuita todo el evento.

Qué hoteles y alojamiento están cerca del evento?

A. Crowne Plaza Houston Galleria Area: & Hilton Houston Post Oak

Crowne Plaza Houston Galleria Area website
Hilton Houston Post Oak

Cuál es el aeropuerto más cercano?

A. El aeropuerto más cercano son George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston and William P. Hobby Airport.

Se proporcionará cuidado de niños?

A. No, no se proporcionará cuidado de niños.

Está permitida la comida
en el destino?

A. Sí, la comida se permitirá sólo en el vestíbulo principal solamente, No se permitirá comida o bebidas, excepto agua en el interior del santuario, se permite sólo agua.

Hay un descuento de grupo?

A.Por favor contactar para obtener información sobre descuentos para grupos.

Puedo comprar boletos en la puerta?

A. Sí, pero sólo si hay entradas restantes.

Puedo comprar entradas para un día?

A. Sí, ofrecemos entradas de un día por $25