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The Power of Fasting – Cat French

Fasting is the only recourse for a mourning heart that is fiercely discontent and desperately hungry for God to break through with unprecedented revival unto the ending of modern-day slavery in our city!

At Elijah Rising we believe that the Holy Spirit is preparing the Church for the greatest revival and the most intense pressure ever experienced throughout all of human history. The prophet Joel calls it “the GREAT and TERRIBLE day of the Lord.” Even in these days of mild pressure we see the greatness of the move of God, and terrible depths of darkness … frequently on the same day! For God’s people in Houston to shine during our finest hour, radical changes are needed! Regular fasting helps precipitate these much-needed changes, which is why Jesus discussed fasting in the same breath as rending of old clothing and old wineskins (Matt 9; Mark 2; Luke 5).

Fasting is part of the normal life of the believer. It is not for the super-spiritual. That is why Jesus said, “When you fast …,” not “If you fast ….” Completing His thought, He said that the Father would openly reward fasting, when we do it as unto the Lord and not to accrue “cool points” in our social circles.

The fear of hunger is far worse than the actual experience of hunger. (Same goes for the fear of being tired!) Many believers subscribe to the lie that modern life is too demanding or fast-paced to make fasting a feasible option. This makes us afraid of the weakness of fasting or tiredness, and the fear looms larger than the hunger or tiredness itself.

Many revivalists throughout history practiced regular fasting. The biographies of such luminaries as George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd, and Charles Finney all point to fasting as a regular spiritual discipline. In fact, John Wesley fasted on Wednesdays and Fridays each week and would not allow anyone to join his ministry unless they agreed to fast twice a week.

Fasting is a prominent feature of the Book of Daniel. In it, Daniel describes fasting for the purpose of: setting our hearts to seek the Lord in an intentional and focused way; for the fulfillment of God’s prophetic promises, plans and purposes; to confess and repent of sin; to stop a crisis; for a greater release of power; for an open heaven; and for grace to understand.

I cannot think of a more opportune time for believers in Houston to similarly press in with fasting. We need breakthrough in building a seamless continuum of aftercare for exiting survivors! We need the Body of Christ to take ownership of this issue and mobilize intervention teams to fight for justice! We need to raise the outcry of repentance over the Mayor’s recent partnership with sixteen strip clubs. Beloved, we need angels and demons to move on this issue! We need unprecedented breakthrough! There is no better time to fast than now!

Fasting is the only recourse for a mourning heart that is fiercely discontent and desperately hungry for God. Fasting signifies our refusal to accept the current state of affairs, which is characterized by spiritual barrenness and dullness to the harsh realities that are operating all around us. Who would have ever dreamed that sitting in a room with your bible – NOT EATING – would be the hinge upon which the history of our city turns. Is it really that easy? Let’s see … open my bible, tell God what He tells me to tell Him, and don’t eat. God is simple in His brilliance and brilliant in His simplicity!

The Church Alliance, a network of Houston area churches banding together in deeply functional partnership for the ending of human trafficking in Houston, began the new year with a twenty-one day Daniel fast.

(There are two primary scriptures related to the Daniel fast. In Daniel 10:3 we learn that Daniel ate no meat or tasty foods and drank no wine. In Daniel 1:12we see that he ate only vegetables and drank water. The word that is translated vegetables in the NKJV is translated as pulse in the KJV—it comes from the Hebrew zērōa, which means “that which grows from seed.” It includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes (peas or beans), nuts, seeds, tofu, and herbs.)

Very few times in my life have I had such a grace on my spirit to fast! I know I am  participating in this fast with a vibrant community of believers who are leaning into God with the same heart: the ending of the exploitation of widows and orphans in the commercial sex trade in our city. And I know God will answer by rending the fabric of apathy and the wineskin of complacency in the Church toward the plight of our society’s most vulnerable.

We at Elijah Rising warmly invite you to consider bringing your church into the Alliance. Contact Allison ameier@vitalitysolutions.org.

We also invite you to join skip your lunch on Thursdays – yes it’s really that simple – and join us for our Thursday after work prayer meeting. Contact Micahmicah@elijahrising.org.

As always, we are here to serve you with van tours, our third Saturday Intro to Elijah Rising, public prayer meetings at our headquarters, the former Angela Day Spa at 5818 Southwest Freeway.

Please call our office phone if you want to reach out to us for any reason 832-628-3439.


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