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Kendleton Farms: The Final Payment

Two years we purchased what is now known as Kendleton Farms. This 85 acre facility had 10 buildings, which all needed major renovations, and at the time it felt like an impossible dream to our small staff. We knew however, that if the property was brought back into repair, the possibilities for providing refuge to women were enormous.

The property was appraised at $2,200,000, but we felt led to only offer $750,000, still a fortune for us. We knew we had heard the Lord, but this was a huge challenge to our faith. However, God loves to do the impossible! 

Within 6 short weeks we had raised $450,000 of the $750,000 total sale price! And at the last moment, a Christian foundation stepped in to grant us an interest-free loan for the gap amount.

Because of your help and the Lord’s providence, we are thrilled to announce that we will be making the FINAL PAYMENT this August! The last payment of $37,500 is due on August 3rd.

Even during these last two years of making payments, we have seen remarkable progress made.  Here are some highlights:

  • Over $712,500 has been raised to pay for the property in less than 2 years!
  • 6 Residential homes have been renovated and are currently used to house staff and residents!
  • We have seen 4 salvations and 5 baptisms of residents in the last year and a half!

Your generous giving, prayer, and volunteering have helped to shape each of these testimonies.  Thank you for being a Kendleton Farm’s Hero!

It’s only through your help and support that Kendleton Farms exists.

Click here to give and be a part of making Kendleton Farms a reality.