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Houston Partners with Strip Clubs for Economic Gain – Raise the Outcry

Now is the time to act. We must register our objections both in heaven and on earth. Cry out to God for the immorality of the recently announced partnership between the City of Houston and 16 strip clubs. Click here for the full story.

The headline of one of the articles says it all: “Strange Bedfellows.” Please realize that when the Book of Revelation, Chapter 17, says that the kings of the earth commit acts of immorality with the harlot, Babylon, it is not some obscure allegory! It means that society’s most powerful elite are forging partnerships of unholy intimacy for economic gain. The mayor’s recent decision accelerates us along a continuum of darkness, and the Church MUST raise an outcry!
Gathering to pray is the litmus test for humility – and may shelter us in the Day of the Lord when He arises on behalf of the poor in our city. All are warmly and urgently invited to our T / Th 8am and 5pm prayer times at 5818 Southwest Freeway, the former location of a documented sex trafficking brothel. Either join us or start your own prayer meeting. Feel free to use our prayer guide at https://elijahrising.org/prayer/prayer-guides/. Copy it and reproduce it under your own name. Our copyright is your right to copy!

Please find attached a PDF info sheet on the recent City-Strip Club partnership and two PDF letters: one to the city attorney’s office and one to the mayor’s office.