Finding prostitution in is Houston all too easy.

Yesterday we did reconnaissance in preparation for Elijah Rising’s 300 Challenge https://elijahrising.org/prayer/houstons-300-campaign/ Four teams drove all over the metro area looking for indicators of the commercial sex trade.

On Antoine near 34th there is a Texaco station that has come to the awareness of several of our colleagues in the field We went to check it out and saw this very young looking girl getting in and out of cars, servicing the lunch hour rush of consumers.


This blatant example of the street trade occurring in broad daylight less than a mile from where I live served as a fresh reminder of how ubiquitous the spirit of prostitution will be at the end of the age. We read in Revelation 18 that Babylon, the mother of the spirit of prostitution, will deal in the “bodies and souls of humans.”

We must have a firm grasp of “why” we do what we do – not just the “what” and the “how.” This blatant example of street-level prostitution reminds me that we are involved in the great end time struggle with the spirit of the age, which Revelation forewarns will increasingly be characterized by prostitution.

Despite the foretold ubiquity of the spirit of prostitution, our mandate is to create a pocket of mercy: a geographic territory that is under the mercy and protection of God. Believers, in cooperation with God, can gather, seek the Lord, raise awareness and intervene to lessen the impact of evil in their area.


  1. lizette says:

    That’s good, love the way you put it all in perspective. This is written and we must remain focused on the word