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Does Orthodox Theology and Doctrine Matter? New Teaching Series Starting Monday – Adam Chaney

When I am asked, “does Elijah Rising have any denominational affiliation?” my answer is typically, “no, not exactly.” That is because Elijah Rising is a parachurch ministry that highly values the local congregational expression of Christianity in all of its forms. Elijah Rising seeks to serve as a unifying force for the fractured body of Christ. We want to be a place where anyone from any denomination can come and do the work of the Kingdom in unity and love. I have mentioned before that the key to our success is prayer, but unifying Christians from various traditions is a critical factor as well. However, if someone presses me on the issue I will tell them that most of our core staffers are “educated and orthodox Charismatic Christians.” That’s a phrase I am trying to coin. I like it.

Unfortunately, it is becoming common for non-denominational and Charismatic believers to get a bad taste in their mouths when they use the words theology and doctrine. Those terms are often considered dirty and associated with dead nominal Christianity. Or, in other cases, people think theology and doctrine are concepts for those Christians who are far too cerebral in their faith and therefore must lack authentic spiritual connection to God. Both of those realities do indeed exist in the church. However, the pendulum can swing too far the other direction. There is severe danger lurking in the community that intends to rid itself of all set doctrine and devalue the importance of orthodoxy. I am here to tell you that doctrine and theology do not need to be old-fashioned bonds of spiritual death.

I too consider myself an educated and orthodox Charismatic Christian that highly values intimate spirituality with God and I contend that revelation is critical to a healthy Christian life. We cannot rely upon tradition alone. Yet, I have a deep appreciation for the brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers of the church that have gone before us and laid the foundation upon which we now stand. From the early church three major branches of Christianity were formed: Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. Doctrine and theological concepts may separate us, but they can unify us as well.

Additionally, as the culture around us tumbles further and further down the slippery slope of relativism and blind tolerance, it has become increasingly necessary for the modern justice warrior to establish a firm foundation of biblically orthodox doctrine.

The bottom line is that doctrine and orthodoxy matter. As new leaders of the church attempt to toss out fundamental and long held standards of the church that risk perverting the Christian faith. We must understand that there are certain doctrinal terms that are so essential that without them intact, we will no longer be the church of Jesus Christ our Lord. Doctrine matters because what we believe determines how we live, how we love, and how we approach our mission in the earth.

Therefore, beginning Monday night, April 14th 7pm, I will begin a teaching series that will highlight six critical areas of theology in an effort to challenge the modern justice warrior to understand what they believe. We need to understand what unites and divides Christians doctrinally and theologically. As well, we must understand what issues are absolutely essential and what issues are secondary and therefore should not cause division or scorn. As well, These classes will provide a firm basis of theology, which will further equip justice warriors to faithfully reject the heterodoxies associated with an ever increasing secular culture that climaxes in the great end-time apostasy and ultimate rise of the anti-Christ empire. This series is entitled: “Systematic Theology for the Modern Justice Warrior.”

7:00pm – 7:50pm: Systematic Theology for the Modern Day Justice Warrior
Week 1 (4/14): The Trinity
Week 2 (4/21): Christology
Week 3 (4/28): Pneumatology
Week 4 (5/05): Humanity & Sin
Week 5 (5/12): Soteriology
Week 6 (5/19): Eschatology

8:00pm – 8:50pm: Special Topics in Justice Warrior Training
Various topics from teachers Cat French, Justin Wall, and others.

All are welcome to join and every class is free of charge.