Trafficking In The News

In this episode, David and Adam discuss recent Houston trafficking events. We hope this conversation helps you become a better-informed citizen and equips you with some tools to become more engaged in anti-trafficking work. Video Version Audio Version Thank you for listening! If you’d like to share your thoughts on this episode: Leave a comment...

How do illicit massage businesses work?

In this episode, we discuss how illicit massage businesses sexually exploit women. We also share stories from outreach into massage parlors, and a few solutions to prevent these types of places from operating. Stay Connected Subscribe on iTunes > Subscribe on Spotify > Subscribe on YouTube >

Our Phone Call With A Guy In The Porn Industry

In this episode, we share a story about a man in the porn industry who reached out to Elijah Rising via phone. He shared with us some ugly truths about the porn industry, and how he was lured into doing porn. We also discuss the importance of love and educated empathy in ministering to those...

Street Prostitution and What to Do About It: Myth vs. Reality

Written by: Bob Wicker, Elijah Rising Volunteer Intervention Leader The Myth I Believed Like most of us, I grew up as a media consumer. I “learned” from television, magazines, newspapers, the internet, social media, etc. Those sources formed my understanding of what street prostitution looked like. I thought that most women in street prostitution were...