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Abolitionist Playlist | Into your Love I go

Music has a way of easing our soul and ramping up our thoughts and feeling toward something bigger than our physical temporal space. We all know this can be used for evil, but The Lord designed music and the great power of music for the good.

Thus I desire to share an exercise with all of you. I want to call this contemplative listening. We have a tendency to use art or music as an afterthought or background track to something that is already happening. Kind of like a score in a movie. We are so bad about multitasking that we even do it when we rest! Some of our early church fathers used art as a way to focus in on one nature or characteristic of God. You may have seen images or “icons” like this, especially in Catholic and Orthodox churches. As an act of contemplative prayer they would sit on front of an image much like the one below, and without agenda or haste, simply gaze.

 photo kjyg_zps5f757ee0.png

These icons were created through prayer and fasting, so that upon completion the onlooker could meditate on the great truth of the piece in their own life. That being said, I would like to start encouraging you to partake in a similar activity.

The Link below is to a song be seeker and the servant. Don’t press play yet! Sometime today, and maybe even now, throw on your ear buds and stare out a window (or shut your eyes) and just listen. The song is called “Into your love I go.” (This is also on spotify and itunes.) The song has words in the beginning then becomes instrumental. As the words fade, just listen without an agenda or haste. Enjoy.