The Power of Prayer

Since Elijah Rising was founded, prayer has played a crucial role. In this episode, you will hear from Elijah Rising’s...
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Anti-Trafficking Awareness

Despite increased efforts to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking, there are still many people who do not...
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Emergency Assessment Centers

One organization cannot be the solution to combat the effects of sex trafficking. It takes a community of NGO’s, volunteers,...
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Organized Crime & Asian Sex Trafficking

A study in Houston claimed there are more brothels than Starbucks and McDonalds. That statement always grabs people’s attention, but...
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10 Years of Intervention

To assist those who may be trafficked, Elijah Rising has always maintained physical presence in the areas where human trafficking...
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An Update On Elijah Rising’s Social Enterprise

For the past several months we have been evaluating our programs. Through this evaluation we realized the need to refocus on...
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Celebrating 10 Years!

In this episode, we look back on the 10 years of Elijah Rising. Over the years, we have changed yet...
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John LaChapelle on the podcast

The Importance of Prayer & Intercession

In this episode we talk with Elijah Rising’s new Prayer Director, John LaChapelle, about the role of prayer and intercession...
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What Is An Emergency Assessment Center?

In this episode we interview Jeff Shaw, Executive Director of Frontline Response. Founded in 2003, Frontline Response began with a...
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