Friday, October 15th at 6:00 PM
The Junior League of Houston
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Join other abolitionists and work to end sex trafficking.

Our Mission

The mission of Elijah Rising is to end sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention, and restoration.

Making An Impact (Stats from 2020)

Hours of Prayer
Volunteers Mobilized
Nights of Safe Housing Provided
Women Reached Through Intervention


Challenges to Exiting the Life

What are the challenges an individual faces when leaving a trafficking situation? The truth is there are more factors than we can mention in this one episode, It’s complicated. That’s...
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How are people groomed into trafficking?

We are often asked how do people end up in trafficking situations? There are many different answers to that question as each case is unique. However, sometimes there is a...
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What are the best ways to resource overcomers?

In this episode, we interview Kathy Givens and talk about the best ways to serve those who have overcome sex trafficking. Kathy is a wife, mother, author, and playwright who...
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What people say about us
  • What an eye-opening experience. It’s heartbreaking to realize the level of darkness that is right here in Houston. As they said there are some things you just can’t unsee.

    Van Tour Attendee
  • I learned more than I could have imagined about sex trafficking and what goes on out in the open, yet unseen, right here in our city.

  • Elijah Rising is a fantastic organization really making a difference in people’s lives in Houston and around the world. Please stop in and support a great cause!



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