Oil, Gas, And Prostitution | Episode 6

Sam interviews Alex Gerbasi, an advocate for change in the oil and gas industry. Alex uses her resources to help create policies that impact the demand for prostitution. For information about the policies mentioned in this podcast, email OGTAG@ovsgroup.com

Legislation and Elijah The Prophet | Episode 5

Sarah Landsman and Cat French talk about the most recent legislative session and its effects on sex trafficking. Cat French also begins her discussion on the life of Elijah the Prophet. Find out why we are called Elijah Rising.

The Culture of Abolition | Episode 4

Sam and Micah talk about the kind of culture that fuels abolition, and why it matters. Micah is the Executive Director of Elijah Rising, and one of its longest-standing members. She is also the curator of the Museum of Modern Day Slavery and resident staff at Kendleton Farms.

Interview With Rescue Houston | Episode 3

Sam interviews the founder of Rescue Houston, our ally against sex trafficking in Houston. Find out how the hotline came to be, and why it works. For more information about the Rescue Houston hotline, visit rescuehouston.org.

Sending An Abolitionist | Episode 2

Cat French says goodbye to a friend in the abolitionist fight and shares her parting wisdom. We dive into why we always believe that our ceiling is your floor.

Why We Won’t Endorse EMSI | Episode 1

Cat French explains the End Modern Slavery Initiative and why we’re against it. We welcome lawmakers and political bodies to focus on sex trafficking, but the ESMI fails to provide the meaningful measures needed to end it.